Extinction Ceremonies Participate


We encourage contributions to the archive, and we will publish them here.
Vandalise your own nature books. Please email your ceremony images and text to the email address below.
(High resolution images if possible).

Extinction Ceremonies Instructional

  1. Choose a nature book.

  2. Choose a creature.

  3. Tear the page out.

  4. Extract the creature from the page while preserving the landscape and the creature as well as possible.

  5. We will destroy these creatures later. With this in mind please write down a few words in response to the activity. These will be read aloud when the creatures are destroyed.

  6. Bureaucracy. If you want to send your images and words to us for inclusion in the archive.

    Please include:

    - Your response to doing the ceremony. (A word / a paragraph / a page?)
    - Your name. (If you wish to be credited).
    - Animal / creature name / description of the creature if not known.
    - Book title and page number in the book where the creature was found.
    - Images: You looking through the hole where your creature had been. (High resolution if possible).

contact at worldgeneralstrike dot org (written this way to avoid the work of spam bots).

Extinction Ceremonies Participate